The “Vertzagio” Cultural museum located in the peaceful village of Pigadakia is set amongst the beautiful green countryside, 2 km from Alykes and 15 km from Zakynthos town.
Visitors have the opportunity through the numerous exhibits to travel back in time to over 200 years of Zakynthian History and get to know how the Greeks used to live years before.
Starting with the local train from Alykes and Alykanas and after a quiet path through Katastari, the largest village in the area, you reach Pigadakia, a village among the olive groves and vineyards.
Meet Spyros Vertzagias, the founder of the Cultural Museum, and his family, and walk the land that Vertzagias family used to live for over 200 years. Children can enjoy the farm animals, see the tree house and even sit on the original school desks.
Inside the museum you will see a traditional bedroom, lounge, dining room with original furniture and decoration of the period. Also there is a chance to see a traditional kitchen with all the original cookware and an earthen oven.
Outside the museum you will see the old mill, the original horse-drawn agricultural machinery that was used to grind wheat in to flour, press grapes into wine and also to process olives into olive oil. Here you can purchase traditional gifts and sample local farm products.
The visit to the Cultural Museum is a must as it is full of fascinating features associated with Greek History. You can visit the museum by the local "Trainaki" (Village Train) which departs twice a day from Alykes & Alykanas, or walk to get to the museum - it is around 2 km from Alykes and Alykanas.

Open daily

09:00 – 14:00 & 17:00 – 20:00
Tel. +30 26950 83580, +30 26950 83670, +30 6932857168
Information: Mr Spiros Vertzagias